In Memoriam

Remembering some of the Harmonizers who have passed on, in whose memory we fondly sing “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

Older man in tuxedo and red bow tie
GEORGE SMITH, a charter member of the Santa Fe Harmonizers, died in January 2019 at age 85 after a series of accidents. He sang bass and occasionally tenor with the Harmonizers, the Santa Fe Men's Camarata, and several quartets. He was also a major benefactor of the Harmonizers.
Old man with white hair and mustache - Joe Brown
JOE BROWN, a retired railroad worker, died in February 2019 at age 97. He had the kind of deep bass voice beloved by singers and audiences alike. Joe sang with the Harmonizers for many years and was the "Voice of Barbershop" in Santa Fe,
Photo of Herb Sjursen
Tenor HERB SJURSEN, a charter member of the Harmonizers, passed away in September 2018 at age 101. He also sang with the quartet Burro Alley.
Photo of Georgia Snead
GEORGIA SNEAD, a stalwart in several choral groups, began singing with the Harmonizers in early 2017. She passed away in April 2018.
Four photos of four men in cowboy attire, known as the Burro Alley Quartet. Two photos include a burro.
The quartet known as BURRO ALLEY was active in the Harmonizers in the 1990s and early 2000s. Members were (top left photo): Dave Overholt, lead; Norm Mecklem, bass; Herb Sjursen, tenor; and Lee Meyer, baritone.
Memorial service program for SFH member Richard Davis
Long-time Harmonizer RICHARD DAVIS passed away in August 2017.
Funeral service program for SFH choral director Terry Egbert.
TERRY EGBERT, the longtime musical director of the Santa Fe Harmonizers, died in September 2015.
Funeral service program for Dr. Steve Spencer in 2015.
DR. STEVE SPENCER sang bass with the Harmonizers for many years and also sang in several quartets. He died in July 2015.