2019 Fall Concert

The Santa Fe Harmonizers (SFH) and the Los Alamos Lads of Enchantment (LOE) joined together again for a fall concert with the theme “Good Times.” The combined choruses performed in Los Alamos on October 18 and in Santa Fe on October 19. We were thrilled to have as our special guests the estimable Sound Check quartet from Salt Lake City.

A group of almost 40 men and women standing in the chancel of a church, singing.
The combined choruses of the Santa Fe Harmonizers and the Los Alamos Lads of Enchantment sing under the direction of Maurice Sheppard.
4 men in white jackets, singing.
Guest quartet Sound Check entertained the crowd. From left: Jimmy Schofield, tenor; Mark Andromidas, lead; Brian Dowd, bass; Blair Dowd, baritone.

From our own ranks, three quartets performed:
3 Nice Guys — Maurice Sheppard (tenor), David Daniel (lead), Dick Heaton (baritone), and Daniel Sheppard (bass);
Mix’t Up — Joan Brown (tenor), Jenni Gaffney (lead), Stan Brown (baritone), and Bruce Lamartine (bass); and
Naturally Aspirated — Jazmine Torres (tenor), Bear Schacht (lead), Conrad Farnsworth (baritone), and Daniel Sheppard (bass).

A woman, a man, another woman, and another man singing in a quartet.
Joan, Bruce, Jenni, and Stan, known as the Mix't Up quartet, sang Get Your Kicks on Route 66.
Four men singing.
3 Nice Guys serenading the capacity crowd.

Chorus members included:
Tenors: (LoE) Joan Brown, Clarice Cox, Marke Peterson, Jazmine Torres; (SFH) Connie Balram, Elizabeth Lindell, Marv Wetovsky, and Elizabeth Wilds; (both) Jenni Gaffney.
Leads: (LoE) David Daniel, Jim Goforth, Eric Peterson, Phil Seeger, Brian Summers; (SFH) Bob Courtney, Benny Duran, Lynda Gomez, Pablo Griego, PZ Pezzano, Jim Saunders, Becky Seligman, Anne Urbanski, and Sandi Wright.
Baritones: (LoE) Stan Brown, Joe D’Anna, Conrad Farnsworth, Dick Heaton, Gwen Lewis;  (SFH) Charles Barbee, Cora Harms, Doug Heath, and Will Hobbs.
Basses: (LoE) John Baillie, Bruce Lamartine, Ivar Lindstrom, Bear Schacht, Daniel Sheppard, Chuck Tallman; (SFH) Bill Clyde, Ken Kocazek, Gary Smith, Jim Snead, and Sterling Wilds.

2019 show program cover
List of songs performed, including composers and lyricists.
People sitting in pews in a church, listening attentively to singing.
The audience for our October 19 show in Santa Fe listened with rapt attention.
woman sitting at table
Mary Ellen Barbee, wife of baritone Charles, helped collect tickets.