The holiday classic Jingle Bells is our first Christmas virtual video. Singers from the Harmonizers and the Lads of Enchantment took part in making this video in December 2021.

The lively spiritual Ride the Chariot ended the joint Harmonizers/Lads of Enchantment annual show in October 2019. Singers from the Harmonizers, the Lads, and the New Mexichords participated in making this video early in 2021.

The Story of the Rose (also known as Heart of My Heart) is a long-time barbershop standard. The Harmonizers have performed it many times in Singing Valentines. Participants in this video sing with the Harmonizers, Lads of Enchantment, New Mexichords, and Duke City Sound (also in Albuquerque).

Community organizations sometimes invite the Harmonizers to sing a patriot song or two at the start of their events. Here the Harmonizers sang the Star-Spangled Banner before a Santa Fe Fuego baseball game in July 2019.