Singing Fun in Silverton

Quartets — four people singing tenor, lead, baritone, and bass lines — are the heart of barbershop singing. Our current SFH president, Will Hobbs, has sung baritone in several quartets during his 30+ years as a barbershop singer. Here is one of Will’s favorite memories.

“Some of our Rocky Mountain District members in Durango, Colorado, have organized the Silverton Barbershop Music Festival in July for many years. It’s a weekend festival of barbershop music to which all RMD members are invited. Periodically, many of our SFH  members have attended, practicing and singing with various ‘pickup’ quartets and in the ‘mass’ chorus in the Saturday night show produced for all the residents of Silverton and the many tourists visiting the town. The local school auditorium/gym typically was filled for that night.

“In 1997 ten of us from Santa Fe and one singer from Los Alamos went to Silverton for the festival, which was July 17-18. This photo results from four of us getting together to sing a few songs. We learned there was a photo studio in town that had all kinds of costumes, which we gladly donned and sang some more. Just very good fun, enjoying the company of the kind of folks we love to be with, starting Friday and all day Saturday, and sometimes a little on Sunday morning.”

From left: John Deyloff, tenor; Dan Ferguson (Los Alamos), lead; Paul Williams (who later moved to Colorado), bass; and Will Hobbs, baritone.

4 men in 1890s clothing, singing